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When children have low self-esteem, it can sometimes take more than a few encouraging words to help give them the confidence they need in everyday life.

There can be many reasons for low self-esteem in a child, past experience or a perceived failure, exams or pressure from everyday life can cause a child to feel self-doubt.  For some, a passing comment or in extreme circumstances, bullying by their peers can equally have a negative effect on confidence.

Reassurance & Encouragement
Offering plenty of praise and encouragement or placing a focus on positive reinforcement will help to cement a child's positive belief. 

• Reassurance & Encouragement
• Emphasis On Fun
• Learn To Correct Negative Beliefs
• Why Take Up Martial Arts? 

Taking Up Martial Arts
Starting Kickboxing classes can be an excellent way to build a child's self-esteem.


For many children, a sport or activity is the best option.


It can help them build confidence in their physical ability and reinforce other skills and capabilities they will learn to hold.

In our Martial Arts classes, they will learn to socialise and make friends. They will get support from other students, Instructors and coaching team.


Our unique junior syllabus is an excellent way to offer encouragement and rewards for hard work too, helping them stay motivated and feel proud of their achievement.

Emphasis On Fun
Our classes work towards Engaging young people in a fun, positive way, which can help them focus and improve self-esteem ensuring your child is willing to give it a try.

Helping To Understand & Correct Negative Beliefs

Children with low self-esteem may be more likely to say negative thoughts to themselves, putting themselves down or deflect compliments.


Helping to correct these negative self-beliefs is very important, particularly when it’s about abilities and personality.


It’s usual for most individuals to require some extra help from time to time and this doesn't make them a bad student.

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