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As you are probably aware, Learn Kickboxing is affiliated to the largest Kickboxing association in the U.K. One of the main factors for our ever expanding association is our unique Instructor Development Course, (IDC).
We believe all our instructors should be of the highest quality and nurtured over a long period of time, not just rushed into teaching because they are the highest grade available.

Step One: Coaching Team Course
Regardless of experience within your Chosen Martial Art, we invite you to take part in our practical sessions, conducted by one of our Regional Instructors.
 <b>Step Two:</b> Advanced Course
Step Two: Advanced Course
The theory into coaching, conducted by our Director of Teaching, giving you the do’s and don’ts of practical Kickboxing coaching.
 <b>Step Three:</b> Black & White Belt Trainee Instructor
Step Three: Black & White Belt Trainee Instructor
Ongoing training conducted in your regular training session, you will learn first hand by helping fellow students through stretching, pad work and teaching our grading syllabus.

A plan for the future
with Learn Kickboxing Group

A career out of martial arts should not be an afterthought, or a dream! It can become reality! Most Learn Kickboxing Area and Regional Instructors have a career with us and coach Kickboxing part time or full time, professionally, they think about the bigger picture and not just about teaching a few students for a bit of fun.

Rewarding & Fun 
it's not all work, work, work...

When participating in a career with Learn Kickboxing, “fun” is a word that is used regularly, coaching others to achieve their dreams and goals is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do in your life.

What Happens Next?
when will I be qualified?

After you have completed both the practical and theory courses, you will then start to gain true coaching experience under the guidance of you Instructor. This will be conducted in your regular training session, where you will learn by helping fellow students through stretching, pad work and teaching our grading syllabus, please rest assured, your instructor will only advise you to help in junior classes or with lower graded students than yourself.

"I could never become a coach"

After reading this website, we probably know what you’re thinking... ”I could never become a coach”, or “I haven’t got the confidence or skill to teach others”... WRONG!.

To improve anything in life, there is a certain degree of learning, we guarantee, with a small amount of time, commitment and effort, we will bring out the skills you never knew you possessed!

Over time your confidence in yourself, your own ability and in helping others will drastically improve and by wearing your coaching team member T-shirt, fellow students will know you are there to assist them and help in any way possible.

If you are interested in a part time, full time career, or simply would like to participate in the next IDC course either for personal achievement, or for a potential career path, please ask you Instructor for dates on the next IDC course, complete the application form and return it to your instructor.   

TBC 2015

Start: 9:15am | Finish 4:30pm

Maximum of two students in a personal tuition lesson.

You may cancel or rebook your session up to 24 hours before your booked time.

All cancellations or changes to bookings after 24 hours will be charged at full price.