Then why not enrol them in a martial arts class? Besides being a great way to keep your little ones active, it will also develop their confidence.


Curious? Then discover below how Martial Arts will help to boosts Your Kid’s Confidence:

It empowers them to stand up, stand tall and stand proud

Kickboxing is a great way to bully-proof your children. A growing problem in many schools across the globe. As much as we would like to wish that it isn’t an issue, the hard truth is that one out of every five children gets bullied.


Through martial arts, your little ones will learn to respect not only their instructors but their peers as well. They will gain confidence and learn the skills necessary to deal with a potentially threatening situation, learning how to walk away or neutralise a potential threat.
It teaches that progress is more important than perfection

Our Little Ninja Kickboxing Programme is lots of fun for your little ones. Your kids will learn to set goals, have fun working towards them and embrace every step of their martial arts journey promoting continuous self-improvement, inheriting confidence, mental strength, discipline and focus.

There’s no doubt that martial arts have the power to make your kids stronger, from the inside out. Apart from working their muscles, it will also teach them to thrive outside their comfort zone and not be afraid to try new ventures.
Why not bring them along to one of our FREE martial arts classes and see how things go!

• Reassurance & Encouragement
• Emphasis On Fun
• Learn To Correct Negative Beliefs
• Why Take Up Martial Arts? 

Help your child to feel more confident in themselves today by booking one of our FREE

martial arts classes in Chesterfield or Worksop

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