Our martial arts classes can help children stay fit and healthy while offering an alternative exercise activity that is fun and varied.

For younger children, classes will improve their physical development by helping to increase their coordination and balance. Juniors and teens will also improve their general fitness and strength as classes become more advanced.

Build Confidence
Naturally, as a child achieves they also feel more confident in themselves. 
For every new belt they earn or new move they learn they’ll grow in confidence. A confident child will always be happy to give something new a try or face challenges positively, which are great skills to have.

Develop Social Skills
For children who might not always feel confident in social environments, martial arts can help them build their social skills, sharing the same common interest, they’ll find it easier to socialise and build friendships.

Boost Focus And Concentration
In martial arts, a child’s full focus and attention are
 required by their instructor, to help them learn technique, repeat exercises or practice for their next belt.


This also helps to improve other life skills from homework to school lessons.


Teaches Self Discipline
Martial arts is built on the foundation of self-discipline. From the bow to their instructor at the start of every class, to self-motivation to complete a new exercise or challenging pad work sequence.


The Importance Of Respect
Self-respect and respect for others is the foundation that martial arts are built on, success is always celebrated gracefully and children are taught to be respectful and courteous in all situations regardless of the outcome.


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