Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Martial arts offers children many other potentially life changing benefits…

Using martial arts as a framework, our martial arts classes offer kids a martial arts educational programme that can complement their school education.

+ Martial Arts Is Fun

+ Learn To Set And Achieve Goals

+ Build Confidence

+ Build Fitness

+ Self Discipline

+ Develop Social Skills

+ Boost Focus And Concentration

+ Helps Develop Balance

+ Non Violent Conflict AWERNESS

+ Develops Co-Ordination

+ Instil The Importance Of Respect

+ Learn How To Stay Motivated

+ Build Friendships

+ Improve Listening Skills

Our martial arts programmes help children acquire skills that can be transferred into everyday life even academically. Learning valuable and transferable life skills that can help them during their childhood and even later on in adult life.

Our Junior Martial Arts Classes Are Designed For Each Specific Age Group

Learn Kickboxing classes offer tailored training for each specific age group. These are designed to be inclusive so that children of all ages and ability can learn and benefit from kickboxing training.

For younger children, our martial arts programmes will focus on helping them develop their coordination, balance and fitness while teaching life skills that include goal setting, concentration, social skills and many more.

Older children who have been training for a while, will learn more advanced martial arts techniques. They will learn to improve their skill and ability and steadily improve their overall fitness levels as they build up strength and athleticism.

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