Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Depending on age, classes vary in the types of learning and activities they offer.

With www.LittleNinjaKickboxing.co.uk, our 4 - 6 year olds will develop their co-ordination and balance through simple martial arts exercises and games. At the end of class children are rewarded with our unique Ninja Star badges that recognise their personal achievements or reaching specific milestones, which they collect in return for rewards.

Then we will start to introduce more advanced martial arts techniques such as combinations, evasion and striking techniques delivered to pads. Children will learn other important life skills along the way with positive encouragement and motivation from their instructor and coaching team.

"There’s nothing more fun for kids than getting the chance to run, jump, kick and spin around with other like minded children...
The variation that martial arts offers means that children should never feel bored!"

Parents often ask… Does my child have to be fit to take part?

Of course not! First of all we offer free trial classes to children, designed to help beginners try a class regardless of their fitness and ability levels.

Will my child become violent?

A common misconception about martial arts is that it may negatively influence a child to become aggressive or violent. The truth is that martial arts can actually help children who already have behavioural problems learn to cope with situations in a calm and relaxed manner without resorting to physical confrontation.

Will my child have to wear special clothing?

For your child’s first lesson, comfortable clothing like a t-shirt, shorts or jogging bottoms will be fine, shoes are not required as classes are taught bare foot. (We will supply everything else they will need). For future classes your uniform, insurance and gloves will be included within your one-off lifetime membership.

How much are the martial arts lessons?

After your child’s free training sessions, training fees are £30 per month. No pressure to join after your FREE sessions, we like you to have a chat with your child at home before you commit to training with us!

Here’s how to get your child involved:

  1. Find a class in your Area

  2. Click on the "Book Your Free Session Link"

  3. Print off the "FREE Training Session Voucher"

  4. Wear Comfortable Clothing and Bring a Bottle of Water

  5. Turn up to training 15 minutes before the session starts

  6. Introduce yourself to the Instructor & Coaching Team (They will be Friendly)

  7. Have a can do attitude!

  8. Have fun and enjoy learning something new

Find your class training times by clicking HERE

And Book your FREE Kickboxing taster session.

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