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“We would like to say a big thank you to the coaching team, our two kids absolutely love Kickboxing. The class is fun, it's great fitness and discipline. I can see that their confidence has grown. The Instructors & Coaching Team are fantastic!... Highly Recommended!". Well done Learn Kickboxing Group!

Junior Kickboxing Classes Worksop & Chesterfield... From 4 Years & Over

5 Benefits of Kickboxing martial arts training for your child.

1 Self Defence

One of the key advantages of our Learn Kickboxing Junior Martial Arts Programme is your child can learn to defend themselves from bullies. Learning anti-bullying and self defence techniques giving them the confidence to overcome the situations if or when they may happen.

2 Gain More Focus

Our Kickboxing classes may also increase your child’s learning ability. Helping them to understand how to focus on goals and achieve more from life, not only at a personal level but also supporting your child's growth at social and academic levels.

Focus has been shown to be a key trait in successful people.

3 Positive Social Interaction

Learn Kickboxing training can help children to develop a positive mind set, interacting with others helps them to make new connections and new friends.

4 Self-Control

One of the greatest benefits of learning a Martial Art or Self Defence is the establishment of discipline and self-control. In order to succeed at Martial Arts, your child will have to find a level of self-control which they can then transfer to other aspects of their lives.

5 Coordination

This is really important at the physical and intellectual level. Martial arts is a brilliant platform to tune the body and mind working in perfect harmony together to improve coordination at a physical and intellectual level.

“I like training with the Coaching Team, because they are kind and they spend lots of time helping us to be better at Kickboxing. ..

I like Kickboxing because it helps me to exercise, protect myself and it's lots of fun helpingh me make new friends”


Empowering Lives Through Martial Arts... BOOK YOUR CHILDS FREE introductory LESSONS:

(you are more than welcome to have a couple of taster sessions to try it out for free. We will supply everything you need for your taster sessions, all you need to do is wear gym clothes and bring some water with you). :-)

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