Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Martial arts isn’t just about self defence! Martial arts offers so many wonderful and varied benefits for children that can help them at school, improve focus, improve concentration, help them exercise and increase fitness levels. But also help them later on life (confidence and self-esteem).

With so many benefits here is a quick list our Martial Arts programme can offer to your child or children.

Of course this list is by no means definitive, but it’s a great start to help you decide whether martial arts is right for your child!.

Build Up Their Fitness:

Our martial arts classes can help children stay fit and healthy while offering an alternative exercise activity that is fun and varied, to help them stay motivated.

For younger children, classes can help them with their physical development by helping them develop their coordination and balance. Juniors and teens will also improve their general fitness and strength as classes become more advanced.

Build Confidence:

Naturally, as a child achieves they also feel more confident in themselves. For every new belt they earn or new move they learn they’ll grow in confidence. A confident child will always be happy to give something new a try or face challenges positively, which are great skills to have.

Develop Social Skills

For children who might not always feel confident in social environments, martial arts can help them build their social skills. Because they’ll be in an environment where everyone shares the same common interest, they’ll find it easier to socialise and build friendships.

Boost Focus And Concentration

With lots of modern day distractions that kids face these days, in martial arts, a child’s full focus and attention is required by their instructor, to help them learn moves, repeat exercises and practice for their belt or grade. This can help children improve in this area and help them when it’s most important, whether that be doing homework or at school!

Teaches Self Discipline

Martial arts is built on the foundation of self-discipline. From the bow to their instructor at the start of every class, or self motivation to complete the new exercises, moves and pad work patterns to help them achieve their next belt.

Instil The Importance Of Respect

Respect for others and self respect is the foundation that martial arts is built on. Before class, students will bow to their instructor or sensei as a mutual mark of respect. Success is always celebrated gracefully and children are taught to be respectful and courteous in all situations regardless of the outcome.

Teaches Non Violent Conflict Resolution

Children are actually taught to deal with conflict in a non violent manner and without resorting to physical confrontation. Peaceful conflict resolution will help give children the skills they need to cope with any possible situations using reason and common sense.

Can Help Children With ADHD

Research shows that martial arts can help children who may struggle with ADHD or behavioural problems.

Students are required to listen carefully to their instructors, requiring discipline and focus. This can help ADHD children learn self-control, something which can often remain underdeveloped in children with ADHD.

Help Cope With Dyslexia

For some dyslexic children martial arts can provide a way for them to cope with the challenges they face.

For example, the confidence gained from achieving their first belt or positive encouragement from fellow students and their instructor, can help give children with dyslexia the confidence they need to cope positively.

Stranger Danger And Awareness

Many martial arts schools provide children with ‘stranger danger and awareness’ programmes as part of their training. They’ll learn how to identify strangers, what do when approached by them and techniques to use either preemptively are reactive.

Learn Self Defence Skills

Of course, children will learn self defence skills! And while they will learn physical skills, the most important ones that learn will help them deal with conflict without physical confrontation or resorting to violence.

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