Apart from punching and kicking, Kickboxing also utilises footwork, head movement, endurance, strength training and fitness. 

With the right strategy and execution, Kickboxing

is not just a highly efficient striking system, but also an effective and realistic form of self-defence a blend of explosive power, speed and endurance.

• A great way to de-stress
• Beginners welcome. Non-Contact!
• Separate sparring classes
• Boost your confidence 
• Confidence to defend yourself
• Emphasis On Fun

A great way to de-stress
Had a tough day at work or at school? Why not sweat out all that negative energy with an intense calorie-burning Kickboxing training session.


Leave your worries and frustration behind, shifting your focus on learning and drilling martial arts techniques. After training you will feel in a much better mood, thanks to the endorphin rush!

Gain that confidence Boost
Improve stamina, strength and burn those calories. Our classes will push you to overcome your training obstacles and fears, encouraging you to grow and improve attitude, confidence and outlook on life. What’s more, you will gain a nice toned body as a result of all your training.

We believe that Kickboxing is for everyone! Regardless of gender, age, size, or fitness level,

our classes are tailored to suit you!


Although like anything in life, time and effort have to be invested in order to see improvement. 

We believe anyone can get into your greatest shape of their life, ever! Curious?

So! Are you now convinced that Kickboxing has the power to help you get into the greatest shape ever?


Now that you’ve read about it, why not give it a go?


Your first session is FREE with no risk and no long term financial commitment request!

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